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Welcome to MadCash4Cars! We are a nationwide company with a neighborhood attitude. When you come to MadCash4Cars, you are treated like a friend, and our friends know that we are top in the car buying business. We will make your experience quick, easy, and more importantly we will put cash in your hand. We pay the highest rates around!

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We'll come to your location, pay you real cash on the spot and tow the vehicle away at no charge to you.

  • No strangers coming to your home
  • Avoid price haggling and car complaints
  • No need to share personal details or your personal number with many buyers

We buy vehicles of all types; cars, vans, trucks, RV’s and even motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if it’s in working condition, a junker sitting in your yard collecting dust or has even been in a wreck. We will come and pick it up where ever you are. Towing is always FREE and we guarantee our pricing.